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TIME: 10:00 am- 3:00 pm

Start online session when you sign up and review x 3 weeks; then attend 1 class session.

Monthly class sessions.

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For those who want to complete the online 3 week study and attend 1 class session or (class session is optional if confident in your skills) examinations are also available online remotely from your location (Due to COVID-19).

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(For EKG TECHNICIAN Certification) 

TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. is a testing site for the National Medical Career Assessment Certification (MedCA), therefore you will test onsite (Or remotely online from your location***

Cost $350.00 Special in progress $296.88

Class time 10:00 am-3:00 pm. Study online for 3 wks & attend 1 class session (class session optional)

Class location:

1979 E Edgewood Dr. Suite #107

Lakeland, FL 33803


2nd - Pay for course (payment options available below)

3rd - start course online (Print, download or save to your computer)

Pay for course using Debit/Credit (Register/Pay now) option below:

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If a facility or someone other the student is making payment - add student's email to payment transaction, so that course instructions can be sent to student * only the student is allowed to access the course* Please do not provide the employer/ or facility email (prohibited - the site is monitored). If you desire a transaction receipt, simply request one at [email protected]

Admission requirements:

1. Graduation from High School (or equivalent), and

2. Graduation from an approved EKG program within the last 10 years.


1 year work experience as an EKG Technician (work experience, but not certified).


Course is approved for all Nurses: RN, LPN, APRN, Medical Assistants, Respiratory, and other Allied health professionals and Graduate Nurses may take this course. Great course to prepare for the NCLEX, Acute Care, Hospital Settings. This course will build confidence on the job; excellent for those who are employed in the ER, Telemetry, PCU step down units, ICU, CCU as well as other clinical setting. Work at your own pace. 


The purpose of this course is to provide the Health care professionals; LPN, RN, ARNP, Graduate Nurses, Medical Assistants and other Healthcare workers as well as others who are already working as EKG Technician on the job, to obtain certification. The course allows the student with the opportunity to complete a review of the cardiovascular system, discuss the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, describe common characteristics of abnormal heart rhythms, recognize common characteristics of arrhythmias, describe how to interpret the tracing, review how to take a 12-lead EKG, describe accurate landmarks to place the limb and precordial leads, how to review EKG strips in a systematic manner, review EKG strip analysis - P, Q, R, S,T waveform interpretation, recognizing atrial, ventricular, juntional, pacemaker rhythms, tips on how to identify abnormal heart rhythms, discuss atrial ventricular (AV) blocks, recognize rhythms that are associated with each type of AV block, as well as common Cardiovascular diseases and the at risk population, review ways to make healthy choices and managing medical conditions. The course also emphasize interventions that can be utilized for each abnormal heart rhythms.


After successful completion of this course the health care professionals /participants will be able to:

Discuss the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system

Describe common characteristics of abnormal heart rhythms

Recognize common characteristics of arrhythmias /abnormal heart rhythms

Review EKG strips in a systematic way

Recognize atrial, ventricular, juntional, pacemaker rhythms

Identify abnormal heart rhythms

Recognize rhythms that are associated with each type of AV block

Discuss atrial ventricular (AV) blocks

Discuss common Cardiovascular diseases

Describe the at risk population for cardiovascular problems /diseases

Describe ways to make healthy choices and managing medical conditions.

Describe how to prepare the patient & how to take a 12-lead EKG

Demonstrate how to place the limb and precordial leads

Describe how to interpret the tracing.

 After completing the course:

After the training, sign up for the certification examination (more information will be provided. Certification examination fees can vary between $117.00 - $149.00). This fee is not included in the training cost. Certification examination is completed on site as applicable or remotely online from your location. 

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