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CE Provider # 50-17535 - Florida Board of Nursing and Nursing Assistant,

District of Columbia Board of Nursing & CNA/HHA,

Georgia Board of Nursing Approved, Alabama State Board

of Occupational Therapy Approved, Other Disciplines are approved see others


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Please note not all courses are currently approved for Florida Professional Guardians*** 

All PG will need to select courses only through CE Broker**

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Class Time:

Time: 9 am - 4 pm (Both classes)

Schedule/ Dates:


03/11 Thurs IV Professional Dev

03/12 Friday Phlebotomy Prof Dev

03/22 Monday IV Prof Dev

03/23 Tues Phlebotomy Prof Dev

04/08 Thurs IV Prof Dev

04/09 Friday Phlebotomy Prof Dev

04/12 Tues IV Prof Dev

04/13 Wed Phlebotomy Prof Dev

05/06 Thurs IV Prof Dev

05/07 Fri Phlebotomy Dev

05/20 Thurs IV Prof Dev

05/21 Fri Phlebotomy Prof Dev - close

06/14 Mon IV Prof Dev

06/15 Tues Phlebotomy Prof Dev

07/12 Mon IV Prof Dev

07/13 Tues Phlebotomy Prof Dev

08/16 Mon IV Prof Dev

08/17 Tues Phlebotomy Dev

09/13 Mon IV Prof Dev

09/14 Tues Phlebotomy Prof Dev

10/11 Mon IV Prof Dev

10/12 Tues Phlebotomy Prof Dev

11/12 Friday** Phlebotomy Dev

12/13 Mon IV Prof Dev

12/14 Tues Phlebotomy Prof Dev

Class location

 1979 E Edgewood Dr. Suite #107

Lakeland, FL 33803

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Professional Development Courses -

See the 2 available courses below.

Both offer 7 hours of class session

*** Prerequisite for the Phlebotomy Professional Development course: 

Phlebotomy 24 Hr  (Click Here) ***

***Mask required - classes are only meeting in small groups; therefore, it is recommended that you submit your class date as soon as you pay for the course***

IV THERAPY Professional Development Course Cost: $500.00 Special $279.99




Phlebotomy Professional Development course Cost: $550.00 Special $289.99




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Why should you take a Professional Development Course?

These 2 Professional Development Courses are intended to enhance existing skills,

Professional Development Courses help you to gain general knowledge,

Professional Development Courses enrich your understanding,

Professional Development courses are great for those who will train or supervise others within the workplace or the community, 

Professional Development courses assist the learners who want to upgrade existing skills,

Professional Development courses are also great for those who need to refresh their skills.

Professional Development courses provide a Train the Trainer concept; gives you the knowledge and confidence to train others, great course for RNs who have to supervise, assist and direct others.

Gives you the knowledge to start up your business.

**Due to request we have also added guidelines and resources/ steps to take to become certified to teach the course**

At the end of the course (s) you will receive:
  • Certificate at completion,
  • 7 hr Continuing Education (CE) credits,
  • Course review information and the guidelines for the course curriculum that is required for the Intravenous (IV) Therapy and /or Phlebotomy training (depending on the course that you choose. You may also take both courses as they are offered on separate dates (please see the available dates).

IV Therapy Professional Development 7 Hr course

IV Therapy Professional Development 7 Hr course includes:

Guidelines for the delivery and safe management of Intravenous therapy,

Various aspects of intravenous (IV) therapy,

How to care for patients receiving Intravenous therapy,

Information about the venous system, peripheral veins,

Information regarding fluid and electrolyte balance,

Common I.V. terminology,

Venipuncture Skills practice,

Review of different Peripheral and Central IV catheters, and equipment,

Review of specific Intravenous therapies,

Review complications associated with intravenous route,

Review of steps of flushing and maintenance of IV catheters,

Review of correct administration of Intravenous solutions, medications, parenteral nutrition, blood transfusion,

Review of legal aspect of IV therapy,

Review of infection control standards and the scope of practice,

Review of the IV Therapy course curriculum, and more.

Phlebotomy Professional Development 7 Hr course

Phlebotomy Professional Development 7 Hr course include:

Review the reasons for Phlebotomy,

Skills practice sessions: Phlebotomy practice sessions include drawing blood via vacutainer, butterfly and syringe methods (mannequin),

Review of integumentary system and how it relates to Phlebotomy,

Review of the vascular system,

Review of infection control guidelines, universal /standard safety precautions,

applicable isolation procedures,

Patient identification procedures,

Preparing for the Venipuncture procedure,

Review of Capillary Blood Collection,

Labeling of the Specimens,

Review of troubleshooting measures for blood collections,

Review steps to take regarding accidents/ incidents that can arise through venipuncture procedures,

Review of how to handle complications when they occur,

Review of factors that can lead to Specimen Rejection,

Review the Phlebotomy course curriculum, and more,

**Due to request we have also added guidelines and resources/ steps to take to become certified to teach the course**